• Leftover Words – An Erotic Story”I’ve got to get out of here,” Kelly told him as she approached. “I can’t stand it any more.””John, why don’t you ever go out with any of the girls?” Kelly suddenly asked, pushing up so that she was propped on her elbows.”Oh, you were serious,” she responded, standing there in my bedroom, fully dressed, while her f…[Read more]

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    “We wouldn’t be using you!” part of me said to just let her go, walk away, and maybe try with another girl. But she was so perfect! “Just being playful!””Uh-huh…Yeah…Oh, yes!” She continued to listen, but looked around at us.”Please do,” he replied, looking up at John and smiling. There was now a definite twinkle in his eye because of what…[Read more]

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